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Quotes from Students

Singing in Michelle's studio has been transformative. Every sound is welcome here, and so true exploration is happening at every moment. This is the spirit that moves with me beyond class and into my everyday life: a sense that I have every right to try, speak, speak up, question, shout, sometimes crack or croak, sometimes fly.

- Anonymous

Michelle's class has given me the opportunity to work out any performance glitches and jitters I may have experienced so that I could be more comfortable with being heard and seen. This has translated into calmness and confidence on stage. She holds a very safe space for fun and exploration.

- Whitney McCann, Portland OR

My work at Vanport Square Studio has allowed me to witness others in a much more open and present manner, whether another person is singing or just in day to day interaction. The work has allowed me to express my own desire rather than listening to the voice that says "no" or "not good enough." Most of all, I can now move around in the world knowing that I have permission to be me.

- Benn Kovco, Network Adminstrator, Tiny-House Builder, Portland OR 

Michelle Kopper's Singing Performance class radically transformed my ideas about what it means to be a singer or performer. From my first class, Michelle guided me ...toward the unmasking of my authentic self and the liberation of my true voice. Her commitment, her wealth of craft and industry experience and her exquisite intuition are powerful resources, which accelerated my development as an artist and as a human being.

- Rebecca Baum, Improviser/actress, Author, New York, NY

I completely credit Michelle for my last successful musical audition. I hadn't done a musical in ten years and Michelle not only helped me prepare an appropriate song and exercised my somewhat dormant voice, but she really provided me the tools to act/sing. I feel very confident about my ability to give a good singing audition. Thanks Michelle!

- Amanda Soden, Actress/singer, Portland, OR

...gave me the tools, confidence and courage to go to Broadway musical auditions and sing my heart out. My experience in class has been the cornerstone of my decision to stop always looking outside of myself for approval as an artist.

- Ellen Haynes, Actor/singer, New York, NY

Michelle's classes took me from self-described "extremely self-conscious" to singing a capella in front of others. I also learned a ton about performing: not only singing, but ANY type of performing. I've found that I can more easily connect with emotions in-the-moment and express them to an audience. My confidence, my ability, and even my joy of singing have grown since taking her classes.

- Rick Huddle, Storyteller, Portland, OR

...is a juicy, generous and life-changing opportunity. This class has taught me how to play again. It's enabled me to realize that I am abundantly creative when I give myself permission to be so.

Jainee McCarroll, Bookseller, yoga teacher, Singer in the shower, New York, NY

If you are a singer of any ability, and would like to explore singing in a safe nurturing environment this is the place. The focus is not all on the mechanics or technicality of singing, rather it's an approach to finding your true authentic voice ...the art of singing from a point of view that I find refreshing and encouraging.--- If you've wanted to expand beyond just the notes and words on the page or wanted to try something new, explore Michelle's class.

- Ed Bisquera, Accompanist, 5 Guys Named Moe, Mortgage broker, Portland, OR

...changed my life and my artistry. Everyday, I take a new risk – even if I am afraid – I do it anyway. I am much more aware and accepting of my emotions. I am able to recognize when I am emotionally uncomfortable and stay present anyway. I recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a safe place to explore their creative expression or to grow personally.â€

Kiki Ong, Former corporate executive New York, NY

...is a challenge, a step out into the unknown... This work has given me a new confidence in my voice and has had me go to another level of personal self-expression. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to have a breakthrough in their ability to express themselves vocally — I think that the focus on both self-expression and technique would benefit anyone.

Perch Ducote, Life coach New York, NY

...is a safe playground for singers from the beginner to the professional. Concentrating on craft and performance, Michelle helps students develop skills that allow them to connect emotionally with their material. Michelle is a truly nurturing teacher. Her combination of gentleness and persistence yields amazingly powerful results. I recommend this class to anyone who loves to sing.

Garry Novikoff, Singer/songwriter, Actor, Music therapist, ASCAP, New York, NY